API Goes to Sultan, WA

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API in the library at Sultan High School.
API in the library at Sultan High School.

On August 16th and 17th, 2015, API delivered a special two part seminar at Crosswater church in Sultan, WA, for a thriving congregation which has been meeting at Sultan High School.  It was a delightful experience. The largest class to date, 30 people participated in five and a half hours of instruction and practice in the basic reflective  tools we called “An API Sampler.”  Here is what people said about the sampler:

Breath Prayer – We constructed a short prayer that matched a deep soul need with a name for God that addresses that need:

“I needed a way to keep a constant conversation with God. This will help me remember to talk with him.” -JS

“This was so helpful for clearing out the clutter of my usual prayers to really get to the heart of my need and how to approach God with the need.” -AK

“I have been praying long, wordy prayers, for God’s direction in my life. This exercise helped me to refine a prayer that I can pray in my daily routine.” – SM

Praying Scripture – We prayerfully read and pondered Isaiah 50:4-5:

It showed me how I can really experience God through silence and time – not running through Scripture as I usually do.” -PS

“The Lord made his intensions for me very clear through this exercise.” -BL

“This Scripture (Isaiah 50:4-5) was like an arrow directed at my heart. Sometimes I wonder why God is not talking to me, but in fact, I am not listening.”  -SM

Finding a Signature Scripture – We sought a Scripture that expressed the essence of our breath prayer:

“The Lord speaks to us through Scripture. Meditating on His Word helps to hear from Him, and takes ourselves out of the equation.” -DS

“It took me awhile, but once I found the Scripture, my time with the Lord was wonderful.” -KD

“Doing this gave me focus and I felt a better connection to God while doing it.”

Soul Friendship – We learned about and practiced the art of prayerfully listening to others:

“Wow. God really spoke to me through this exercise.” –AK

“This was intimidating but GOOD! I felt connected to God and to each person in the group. This was a cool experience.” -JM

“The Soul Friendship experience was amazing.” – MS

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