Awakenings Prayer Institute is a 501(c) non-profit corporation. Your donation helps us to make our instructional events and materials available to a growing population of folks eager to expand their personal repertoire of how to connect with God’s Presence and purpose through contemplative prayer.


One category of giving is the Scholarship Fund. This fund helps pay for API students to attend seminars, retreats, and conferences.

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Another category is Dr. Wes Johnson’s salary. Beginning in the summer of 2017 and continuing through the Spring of 2018, Dr. Johnson has reduced his time and salary as lead Pastor at Bethel Baptist Church by 25% so he can work on growing Awakenings Prayer Institute. This increased focus has already resulted in the addition of API material in the Seattle Bible School, several churches, a Pastors and Ministry Leaders prayer retreat, and the development of a series of online convocations for Bakke Graduate University. The vision is expanding! The salary fund helps fill the financial gap created by the salary reduction.

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The final category is the general fund, which goes where it is needed most, whether it be scholarship, salary, or operating expenses such as guest speaker honorariums, travel expenses, hospitality (seminar lunches, etc) and printing costs.

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