A letter from Wes and Kathryn Johnson:

As promising new opportunities come our way, we realize some adjustments need to be made in our schedule. Wes approached the Bethel Church deacons and Council for permission to devote a quarter of his time to API. After hearing Pastor Wes’ vision, the Bethel Church leadership said “go for it!” Wes proposed that his salary be reduced by 25%. We are seeking ministry partners through API, which is an independent 501c3 organization, to make up the difference.  How much will be needed? $1,280 per month. That is the amount of our Bethel Church salary reduction.

We believe that this is very doable. If 140 people provided $50 each, the challenge would be met. If 70 people provided $100 each, or if 35 people provided $200 each, it would be covered. Even $10 and $20 contributions will be valued. Join us in partnership to expand this vital ministry of renewal to pastors, leaders, students, and spiritual seekers.

We are so thankful for each one of you.


Wes and Kathryn