Intercessory Prayer is Baffling

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Photo of a prayer circle
The Prayer Circle at Revive Church in Boise

Prayer. It is baffling. We don’t know the mechanics of it – how it works. Sometimes God intervenes miraculously, and sometimes he lets our folly play out. From a doctoral candidate’s paper I read last week I love this attempt to describe prayer:


“ ‘Prayer is God’s triumph of spiritual engineering, employing all His gifts and providing unlimited access to all the resources of His being. Prayer is a summit meeting in the very throne room of the universe. There is no higher level’ (Ralph Herring, The Circle of Prayer, pg 8). With a fervent effectual prayer strategy, the church … can truly change the spiritual climate of the most hardened city” (David Koop, “Building Movements for Church Multiplication,” pg 4-5).


“A triumph of spiritual engineering.” “A summit meeting in the very throne room of God.” These call forth a sense of wonder and a longing to participate. What might God accomplish through our humble acts of intercession? No, we don’t understand the mechanics of prayer, but we can be certain of this: God wants us to be engaged in it.  Let’s go to that summit meeting.