More on Foster’s “Authoritative Prayer”

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 armorLast week my notes were from Chapter 21, “Authoritative Prayer” from Richard Foster’sPrayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home. Foster had more to say than I wanted to share in one posting. This week I want to continue on the theme of “Authoritative Prayer.” For one thing, we will be doing this kind of prayer on Friday of this week from 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. at Bethel. Another reason I wanted to include this material now is that it leads beautifully into next month’s seminar topic: healing from the destructive power of inner vows. This will be  presented by Kathy Troll on April 5th at both sessions. Listen to what Foster says about inner vows:


 “Spiritual warfare is not something we talk about; it is something we do. How do we do it?We do it by breaking all the destructive vows – both conscious and unconscious – that lie over the lives of people. Many have condemned themselves with inner vows of sickness and failure and death. Seeing these things and knowing that it is not good for people to be in such bondage, we speak the word of authority that breaks the curse. Some have curses lying over them from the generations that have gone before: the curse of alcoholism, the curse of mental illness, and more. Whether the curse is physical, emotional, or spiritual, we break it in the name and by the authority of Jesus.


“How do we do it? We do it by taking authority over the sickness of mind and body and spirit. Sickness is an enemy, and we are to fight against it. We speak balance into the phobic and neurotic…We rebuke fevers and choke off the blood supply to cancer cells…

“How do we do it? We do it by coming against every “mountain” that hinders our progress in God. We command fears of all kinds to leave and never return. We stand against evil thoughts and suspicions and distortions of every kind. We bind the spirits of anger, jealousy and gossip and release the spirit of forgiveness and love and faith. 

“How do we do it? We do it by demon expulsion. Wherever we find forces of evil at work, we firmly demand that they leave. We are in charge not they.” Emphasis mine.

And with humility we pray all these things and more in the name and in the power of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Join us this Friday as we marshal our forces to go against the powers and principalities. If you are unable to join us at Bethel, will you pray with us and for us in spirit?
Until next week, Trusting Him – Theresa