The Book is Out!!

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Adobe Photoshop PDFHey everyone, my new book is out! He Wakens Me: How to Pray When You Don’t Know What to Pray

I wrote this book out of my own search for deep connection with the Lord in the challenges and triumphs of life. Now after ten years of experiencing and teaching the treasures of biblically centered reflective prayer, it is my joy to pass along what I have gained.

He Wakens Me provides clear instruction for breath prayer and lectio divina, biblical support for these types of prayer, and enthusiastic endorsement by those who practice them.


“Ahh . . . a weekend retreat in a book… and more. The more is what I found so compelling. Dr. Wes shares so much of himself, his life and experience with God calling, shaping and teaching him. I heard him saying, “I want you to have a growing, deepening relationship with your heavenly Father. Come join me.” –Ken Thiessen—Retired police detective, church elder.

“A labor of love…beautifully done…inviting readers to fully engage with God and their own heart and life.” -Dr. Jeannette Bakke, retired Bethel Seminary professor, author of Holy Invitations: Exploring Spiritual Direction.

Interested? You can find print and Kindle editions on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Redemption Press, and at

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