Blessings of Spring; Memories of Winter

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springYesterday the many hours of welcome sunshine blessed me as I went about my day. Two of my appointments were within walking distance, so I got outside into fresh air and blue sky. What a delight to see all the spring flowers: Crocuses, daffodils, tete-a-tetes, jonquils, hyacinth, and tulips all blooming at once; along with budding tulips trees, camellias, and trees with fragrant little white star-shaped flowers that I can’t name. Just seeing them lightens my step and makes me smile. I wonder at the early bloomers like the crocus and late bloomers like tulips all in full blossom at the same time. The deciduous trees seem late to leaf out, their branches, limbs and twigs still a lacy hope of green to come. I think of the age old description of March: “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” I marvel at the God-ordained timing of the seasons. How impatiently we wait for spring and miss the beauty of a hushed winter garden at rest. It would be good to learn respect for God’s timing, to gain patience in waiting and calm assurance that God is always on time. Meanwhile, I will just enjoy the blessings of spring while the memories of winter are still so fresh. 


If possible, go for a walk with a Soul Friend. Notice the signs of spring and the lingering evidence of winter. Here are some possible questions to ask your Soul Friend: “What season are you in right now? What are your hopes for this season? What is God telling you about this season?”