Hello from Awakenings Prayer Institute.

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pic002 Hello from Awakenings Prayer Institute. I received this in today’s mail from Marlee and she gave me permission to share. 

“Yesterday was quite a day. I left home early to babysit and grabbed my Bible on the way out. Halfway through the day, almost done with family responsibilities, I received a call from a friend’s daughter. Turned out this friend had drunk herself silly and was suicidal. Her husband was done with her. He left and the daughter sat with her uncertain of how to proceed through the day. The daughter called another friend and myself. We arrived at the home; the friend was getting sober; we sat down to be there as friends–later I realize as soul friends. Uncertain how to proceed, I looked down and realized I had carried my Bible into her home. I remembered I had placed Saturday’s notes in the front of this Bible. Now this is a first. Every month before I have neatly filed the handouts in my big API notebook. This time I did not.
I began sharing from the Lord’s Prayer and then reading aloud from Kathy’s material on vows. What followed was amazing. I shared how soul friendship worked in triads and assigned each one a role. Interestingly, the speaker was not the suicidal friend, but the other friend who came to help. I asked questions and of the woman who had drunk herself silly, I requested that she pray.
We spent four hours together walking through breathe prayer and setting the timer to quietly reflect on a particular breathe prayer I had written, “Shape me, Master Potter, as beseems.” Turns out this is a favorite passage of the woman who was coming out of her drunken stupor.
Near the end of our time together, the husband returned home where we were not talking about him or their problem, but were focused on this breath prayer.
Still much work to be done, but Praise God, I had been prepared ahead of time and when the crisis arrived the tools were already in my hand and Holy Spirit was welcome to lead the way. It is way too big of a problem for me!”

Thank you, Marlee for sharing your story. Thanking our Wonderful Counselor for his powerful promptings.  Let’s keep Marlee’s friend in prayer that this would be the beginning of a long and fruitful journey. Do you have a story you would like to share?